Here is my new post on the issue. I have shifted to blogspot to use adsense. It’s getting tough to motivate myself on writing so trying for a bit of financial motivation. (Honest confession)

I have written a new post on how permanently get a fix on the memory problem with CM7 and root.

Update: I have written a new post that needs a bit more effort but solves the memory issue. Be warned, it requires a root and a custom rom. On a positive note, I love my phone now.

Cha cha has a tiny internal memory. Best option is to load a custom rom that has link2sd and saves things on sd card. But rooting is quite difficult at the moment as well. Here is what I did.

1. Under settings>privacy, make sure backup my settings and restore applications are both checked
2. Install all applications that you need. Phone memory will get to almost zero.
3. Do a factory data reset settings>sd and phone storage>factory data reset
4. Setup the phone with your previous google account. The phone will take a long time to download all applications from market.
5. Move all applications to sd card. Except widgets, they don’t work from sd cards
7. Voila, suddenly you have an immense amount of internal memory free.

I just did a reset, my space is coming down but even with all my previous applications and more games, i have 50megs free. Previously I was struggling with 10

Let me know if this worked in the comments

KIndle 3 with Wifi

I have had a kindle for over a year now. And from time to time, I have found hardware and software solutions that come in quite handy. Here is a collection of all my Kindle related hacks and tips.

How to Send a PDF, Word Document to your Kindle?

I’m sure most of you already know this, but just wanted to make sure that this got out of the way. The simplest method is to mail the document to your kindle address ( and in the subject line, write the word “Convert”. Amazon will convert the pdf and will send it to your kindle. However, in most cases this does not work out very well. Usually, they screw up the formatting.

How to send all ebook formats to your Kindle?

This one is a bit more difficult. There are a lot of ebook formats out there. Kindle works best with the .mobi and .azw format. But what about the rest such as epub, lit, txt, doc and so on? This is where a ebook library manager software comes in. The on I use is called Calibre. It’s open source and works extremely well. It is the itunes of ebook readers. First you import your ebook collection into the software and then you can send them to your Kindle and it will convert it to the right format. You can download Calibre from here

For more help on how to use calibre, you can use this video tutorial

How to send articles to your kindle from Google Reader or the web?

I use Google Reader to read a lot of articles. Some are quite long and is not suitable for a PC screen. I always send them to my kindle to read later. Sendtoreader is a very simple service to send web articles to your kindle. Visit and login with your facebook account. The instructions are all there. You can add a button to your Google Reader or simple add a bookmark in your browser to send a page to your kindle.

How to read black and white comics on Kindle?

Kindle is crappy with full color comic books. (Yes, that is why I need to buy a tablet) But it’s brilliant for black and white ones. I am a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes and have a lot of black and white strips lying around in my PC. To make them suitable to read on my kindle, I use a software called Mangle. If you are a fan of black and white manga then this definitely is the software for you. You can download the software from this link The link also contains details of how to use the software.

How to create and manage Kindle collections on your pc?

I have more than a 100 books on my kindle and it gets really annoying to browse through all of them to find out which one I wish to read every time. Thankfully the Kindle has a simple solution for that called “Collections”.  However, putting 100 books into 10 collections is a task in itself. Tired of clicking on every book to put them into a collection I found a smarter solution. The Kindle Collection Manager is a tiny software which lets you create and manage your kindle collections on your pc. Here is the link to the download After you are done preparing the collections, your need to restart your kindle for them to take effect. You can do that by simple sliding and holding the power button for 10 seconds or more until the screen goes blank. After that wait for five second and then slide the power button again until the screen blinks 3 times. Then simply wait patiently for the Kindle to reboot.

Hope this tips help you in some way to get more out of your Kindle. Let me know in the comments if there is something more I can add to this list.

Few days ago, a page asked me to click like on it to learn how to get the old facebook chat back. Amazing enough, it already had 600k likes. And facebook still doesn’t realize that people are probably dying to get the old chat bar back. While they figure out how to listen to consumers, (don’t hold your breath, they usually don’t), let us get the old chat back.

First, you need to have Firefox or Chrome. If you are on Internet Explorer, I have a solution for you too. Click and get firefox. Then follow my instructions.

Second, get an add-on called greasemonkey. It is a very handy plugin and has lots of other applications. You can download it from here. If you are on chrome you can move onto step 3 and skip this

Third, get a greasemonkey script called Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion. Download it from here

Install and you are good to go. Hope this helps. Copied this from Tech Web Talk. You can see their post for a more detailed instruction here

P.S: If you have to get this on IE. There is no tested method. There is a risky method of installing greasemonkey scripts in IE, but there is a very slim chance that it will work. You can find the method here

Management are the only people close to the companies. Roughly humanoid, strangely detached and horrendously, horrible, scream-out-loud ugly is one way of explaining them. Some say they

Managements are roughly humanoid beings under the influence of one or more Companies. Their humanoid forms are maintained by a Strictly Professional Look (SPL) disguise field generators. SPL generators are exactly like other disguise field generation technologies, excepting one big difference. They are powered by indecision and inexperience of the people surrounding them. However, when the indecisiveness and inexperience of the SPL user is greater than that of the surrounding, the SPL generator does not work properly and gives out a non-SPL (Strictly Professional Look with a shabby and worn out face). And since most management is indecisive due to inexperience, they always tend to look worn out and old.

No one knows what a management actually looks like under the disguise. According to some, management usually has a boggart like tendency to become the worst fear of the people surrounding it. Some argue that true form a management is visible for split second when it is removed from the influence of a company by force. Some say managements are two headed humanoid creatures. One of their head constantly gives out praises for their superiors. The other continuously shouts at the people who work for them. Some argue that there is a third head capable of uttering only one phrase, “Yes boss/sir”. Apparently that head only comes into action when the Management faces the CEO (definition of CEO is covered in a later edition of GGC).

Most management are actually EMPLOYEES. They are usually identified as potential management material very early on in their life. EMPLOYEES who do no work but still can get away with it are the primary candidates. However the final selection happens based on a ritual called the Yearly Review (YR). Yearly Review is the ritualistic slaughter of the people who work hard and the deification of the people who work smart (Work Smart is a well used phrase which is applicable when you don’t work, claim others work as yours and get promoted). Those who show the highest score in Work Smart in YR are selected as Management and given the SPL Generator. Some claim that the moment EMPLOYEES join Management, their two heads start to grow. You can actually hear some of the words of the other two heads while they wait to receive the generators. They start thanking the management and give the finger to the employees.

What to do if you are faced by a management in a dark alley. Keep saying the phrase, “Your leadership has really showed me the way”. This phrase apparently soothes management enough to get away with almost anything.

GGC: Graduate’s Guide to the Company

GGC: Talent

Deep in the Cricinfo archives there are records of almost every tournament ever played.  Deep within those archives, under the tagline of Associate Tournaments, is the mention of a small tournament called Carlsberg ICC Trophy 1997, Malaysia. Very few in the 9 test playing nations even know about that tournament. But for the 10th one, it is the most important tournament of its cricketing history. Because that tiny little tournament gave birth to a tiger cub.

It’s hard to find out all the details of it today. But thanks to cricinfo, the results are still here and so are the stories. Whatever we miss out in the writing please give us back in the comments. It was called the Carlsberg ICC Trophy. The tournament took place between March 14 to April 19. And this is how it turned out.

Day One – Monday, March 24:
Bangladesh played their first match. They were in group B with Denmark, UAE, Malaysia, West Africa and Argentina (You read that right, Argentina!). Bangladesh beat Argentina by 5 wickets on their first match. Argentina Scored 138 in 48.3 overs and Bangladesh crossed the mark in the 24th over. Naimur Rahman, the MoM, scored a 37 ball 53 and took 3 wickets while conceding 21 runs only. [Full Scorecard]

Day Two – Tuesday, March 25:
Bangladesh took on West Africa and pulverized them. In 39.1 overs, the west African Innings was wrapped up for a meager 82. Only three of their batsmen managed to reach double figures and none of them crossed 20. The highest score was 16, which came from the extras. Within 19.4 overs Bangladesh wrapped the match. Minhajul Abedin was adjudged MoM. Surprisingly, it was for his bowling. He took 3 for 8 runs in 5 overs. [Full Scorecard]

Day Four – Thursday, March 27:
Bangladesh took an easy victory over Denmark. Denmark’s 98 was chased down by Bangladesh in 33 overs. Aminul Islam took home the MoM honors with his 53 ball 33. [Full Scorecard]

Day Six – Saturday, March 29:
Defending champions UAE slipped closer to elimination in a big loss to Bangladesh. Fortunately, the whole match report is available. And here it is.

Report from Dawn

Bangladesh beat UAE to enter Q-finals

KUALA LUMPUR, March 29: Bangladesh moved into the quarter-final round of the ICC Trophy with a one-sided win over the United Arab Emirates here, Saturday. Defending ICC Trophy champions UAE were expected to dish out a strong challenge, but in the end Bangladesh sauntered to a handsome 110-run win to book their berth in the final eight.

Bangladesh who are seeking to atone for their failures of the past, were in no mood to allow UAE, who played at the last World Cup, from spoiling a party they hope to gatecrash in 1999. The Bangladeshis have never played in the company of the Test-playing nations at the World Cup. The closest they came to qualifying was at the 1990 ICC Trophy in Holland, when they entered the finals but were beaten by Zimbabwe. Since then, Zimbabwe have joined the ranks of the Test-playing nations and the World Cup has increased its patronage by allowing three associate members to qualify.

At the last ICC Trophy in Kenya, Bangladesh floundered in the semi-finals losing to Kenya and then to the horror of the country’s cricket-crazy fans, they were pipped by Holland in the third place play-off. Coached by former West Indian Test opener Gordon Greenidge, Bangladesh are now determined to forget previous setbacks and instead are focused on the job of earning one of the three places open for associate members at the 1999 World Cup in England. Bangladesh’s bowling attack saw them remain unbeaten in the preliminary round, Saturday.Defending a total of 205, Bangladesh bowled UAE out for 95 in the 35th over, to ensure their quarter-final berth.

Kenya also booked their place with a 119-run victory over Ireland. Maurice Odumbe hit a scintillating 99 off 121 balls as Kenya piled on 247 for seven in 50 overs. In reply, the Irish could only manage a meagre 128 for nine in their allotted overs. Meanwhile Denmark beat Argentina by 150 runs to also move in sight of a quarter-final berth.

Enamul Hoque was the MoM for his 37 runs and two wickets. [Full Scorecard]

Day Seven – Sunday, March 30:
Bangladesh closed their last group match by beating Malaysia by 58 runs. Minhajul Abedin again found himself on the MoM stand. [Full Scorecard]

The final points table from group B

Group B
Bangladesh 5 5 10
Denmark 5 4 1 8
United Arab Emirates 5 3 2 6
Malaysia 5 2 3 4
West Africa 5 1 4 2
Argentina 5 5 0

And the tournament moved onto the QF rounds. It was again a group match stage where Bangladesh were playing with Ireland, Hong Kong and Netherlands.

[To be Continued]

Originally Posted by Ian Pont in Bangla Cricket Forum

I just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all BD fans for the support so far in the world cup. we might not win the world cup but we can win the best fans award at the world cup.

You guys just shouted and cheered every run, every wicket we took and every stop we made. THIS IS WHAT WE WANTED.

We have a definite advantage when we play in front of our own fans. Keep cheering for us what ever happens…

We need you all against the West Indies – we want to make them feel miles away from home and uncomfortable. Your unreserved support lifted everyone.. please, please keep it going!

Dear Mr. Pont, please thank the team for giving us the chance to cheer our hearts out.