Tips n’ Tricks: Customizing Chrome

Posted: September 6, 2008 in Tips n' Tricks
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As the initial hype (and what a hype it was) about Google Chrome dies down, people have started to post tips and tricks of customizing it to their need. Links to these tips are available below which shall be updated as more Tips and Tricks show up on the web.


  1. Change the default Blue Skin to Black – Million thanks to Upnishad from GeekPedia
  2. Put the home button on the toolbar – a silly one, I know, but still I saw people asking this in some forums. Thanks goes to Technipages and others who wrote a Howto for this
  3. Download Google Chrome Portable without Google Update – Thanks to Caschy
  4. Block ads in chrome (adblock replacement) – Two ways of doing this as far as I have found

This is the list so far. Will update as for TnT rolls in. Cheers

  1. Puh says:

    It isn’t Portable Chrome, just Portable Chromium.
    You will find Portable Chrome with an extra new Skin here.

  2. drabir says:

    It is a portable version of chromium which has been compiled to run through the file Chroamloader.exe. worked for me. But thanks for the link. However, Google has been pushing out builds like crazy, I think I received two new builds today (dunno, wasn’t keeping count). Anyone has an updated build of portable Chrome?

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