Why Dhaka Warriors is the Best Thing that Happened to Bangladeshi Cricket

Posted: October 11, 2008 in Sports@BD
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Even though I started to write this quite a while back, I never got around to writing it in full. And today the point has already been made therfore this post is rahter reduntant.

That never really stopped me before and this time is not going to be any different in case you expect something different.

ICL has created two teams that have something in common. Both teams have a lot to prove and absolutely nothing to lose. While team Bangladesh has moved forward by winning agianst New Zealand, Dhaka Warriors are now fighting for their lives in ICL. So far, they have done quite a good job of it.

Why should we cheer for Dhaka Warriors?

  1. They’ve given the cricket of Bangladesh a much needed thrashing. Cricketers, coaches and board execs needed a sudden wake up call from the state of complacency that they were in
  2. Dhaka Warriors have made sure that BCB hunt for more talents. They’ve also made sure that people want to take up cricket as a career, because there are now other big money makers than just the national team
  3. In the national team they didn’t gave me anything to cheer about in the last year. Now they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I belive they’ll play a much better game from now on
  4. BD won against New Zealand after these guys left, for that alone, I am greatful. I really am!

And lastly, I’m happy to have two teams to cheer for.

Go Bangladesh!

Best of luck, Warriors!

  1. Ryan Nabil says:

    yeah i agree with you, now both the teams are strong

  2. shadik shamim says:

    some fire to show……….now there is much more capacity to express natural BANGLADESHI tigers aggression and ability

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