HowTo: Backup Sony Ericsson Contacts Online at

Posted: October 29, 2008 in Howto
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At first I expected to write a detailed step by step HowTo for this. But having gone thorugh the process again a few days ago changed my perspective. now has a very freindly and step by step instruction to help you set up your phone. You don’t even have to put in the settings yourself as Zyb can send you an SMS on your phone to automatically setup.

I wrote the last part a week ago. And throughout this week I have used all of Zyb’s services. I cannot emphasize this enough, it is an absolute gem of a service. From a mere storage space for your cell phone contacts it has moved onto a full fledged contact manager. Following are the best parts and also some parts that may need some polish on

1. Brilliant Contact Management: I imported all my phone, gmail and facebook contacts. Once in, Zyb let me merge the duplicates, add and remove details, connect face book profiles with numbers and best of all, sync them all back to my phone. Zyb also identified the contacts who were already using Zyb and updated their details from their Zyb profile. Cool!

2. SMS Storage, Photo Storage: Zyb rightly identified that contacts are not the only things I want to store. So they let me store photos and SMS as well. I just wish they could sync them though.

3. Duplication and Errors in Syncing: Yup! It’s not all sugar and cream. Sometimes I found duplicate contacts and sync errors which I haven’t yet figured out how to get rid of.

4. Things I wish they add: Best thing would be to pull contact details from facebook profiles. Another feature request, sync contact photos if possible.

Zyb also has a software for N-Series and smartphones which seems to be pretty nice. I haven’t had the chance to use it though. All in all, I give a 3.5 out of 5.

They can easily get full marks by fixing what they already have and by giving me what I want.

  1. yashwin says:

    wat abt da messages

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