Browser War: Firefox, IE, Safari or Chrome, Which is the Best?

Posted: November 1, 2008 in Opinionated
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Which browser should you choose?

There are choices aplenty and choosing the best is hardly a task to take lightly. As I, a deadlocked Firefox fan, have recently found out, choice gets pretty difficult when upgrades arrive. Currenty I’m using Google Chrome for those Javascript heavy pages and Firefox for everything else.

So, which one is the best? Is it the ever trustworthy, feature and plugin packed Firefox? Or should we look to the shiny newcomer Chrome? Or is the answer, simple and trendy Safari? Or is it, God forbid, the monster from the house of evil, Internet Explorer?

Unfortunately, at this point I got really confused. There are features I love in all of these browsers. But none of them are perfect. If I absolutely had to live with just one, I’d live with Firefox, hands down. But is there no one to do them one better? Do I have to make sacrifices?

What if I didn’t have to? What if there was a browser which had the best from all of these and made a “Super Browser” which would be the ultimate browser of them all?

So, what would that browser be like (apart from the fact that they’d name it after me of course).


  • It’d have the interface of Chrome. Simple, elegent, flowing and just too good to use. It’s an absolute joy to use. Most importantly, it has a ton of screen space and zero clutter.
  • It’d have Firefox’s add-on support. And also that huge library of add-on goodies.
  • Safari would donate the font rendering. Even the crappiest sites look like a beauty in Safari. Great going Apple, now hand it over. Please!
  • Technology would come from various sources. Namely Chrome’s Sandboxing, Firefox’s security and customizability, and definitely Webkit.
  • Opera’s start up dial and integrated downloader with torrent support would be lovely.
  • I heard IE8 webslices are kinda nice. We could take that from Microsoft’s browser I guess, or not.


What else should be there? What are your thoughts?

Please leave a comment. And if you choose IE, be warned.

Bad things can happen.

  1. Edin says:

    Most of the time i wanna cry because of IE8, and IE7

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