There Goes F1 – Again

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Uncategorized
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23rd Augusst 2009, a red marked day on my calendar. I’ve already set alarms and sms alerts for this very special day. It is (or was) the day that Michael Schumacher got back in an F1 car.

Sadly, as I’ve just seen the confirmation on all news sites I follow, that will not be slow. The greatest enemy of cars, motorcycles, have seen to it that M. Schumacher is no longer fit for driving an F1 car. Therefore, My Life Is Average again.

However, in the scathingly tangy taste of disappointment, I am somewhat happy. He left at the top of his game with a race that really showed what he was made of. No need to come back now and ruin the dreams, right? (Ahem, Ahem, remember Michael Jordan anyone?

I’ve seen the greatest racer, the greatest basketball player, the greatest cricketer, (Not the greatest footballer though), greatest golfer, greatest tennis player, greatest swimmer, the list goes on. I guess I can be moderately satisfied with the emergence of talent during my lifetime.

Take rest Michael (Schumacher, not Jackson), we have your old race videos. They’ll serve to fill the void that you’ve left in F1.

P.S. How about coming back next year? Yeah? Yeah?

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