Staying in Sync: Phone, PC and the Web

Posted: February 12, 2010 in Howto
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It seems that certain convoluted solutions that I prepare are actually not that convoluted after all. They actually provide some help to the people (The evidence is my poorly written Sony Ericsson HowTos which are still way popular than they should be). I therefore will now make an attempt to bestow some of my other technological messes.

My phone is a Nokia E63, my email and calendar application is Thunderbird 3.0 with Lightning. There is only one problem, my calendar application of choice is Google Calendar (SMS Notification, Conversational Text Based Entry and Easy Integration with Gmail are just 3 of the top reasons, there are hundreds more). And this creates the problem of keeping all three of these in sync. Thankfully, there are multiple solutions which work together in making my life a bit easier.

First, for syncing my phone events with Google Calendar, I use Google Sync, the setup instructions are here (Should work on all Nokia E, N and X series phones)

Second, to sync my laptop calendar to Google Calendar I use the Provider for Google Calendar Plugin for Thunderbird 3

And voila, my calendars always stay in sync.

Thankfully, Google Sync also syncs my phone contacts with Google Contacts. To sync my Thunderbird addressbook with Google Contacts I use Zindus. It’s an amazing solution for keeping your contacts in sync.

And that’s it, all my calendars and contacts always stay in sync, no matter what I update and in which device.


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