How To: Get the Old Facebook Chat Back

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Howto
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Few days ago, a page asked me to click like on it to learn how to get the old facebook chat back. Amazing enough, it already had 600k likes. And facebook still doesn’t realize that people are probably dying to get the old chat bar back. While they figure out how to listen to consumers, (don’t hold your breath, they usually don’t), let us get the old chat back.

First, you need to have Firefox or Chrome. If you are on Internet Explorer, I have a solution for you too. Click and get firefox. Then follow my instructions.

Second, get an add-on called greasemonkey. It is a very handy plugin and has lots of other applications. You can download it from here. If you are on chrome you can move onto step 3 and skip this

Third, get a greasemonkey script called Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion. Download it from here

Install and you are good to go. Hope this helps. Copied this from Tech Web Talk. You can see their post for a more detailed instruction here

P.S: If you have to get this on IE. There is no tested method. There is a risky method of installing greasemonkey scripts in IE, but there is a very slim chance that it will work. You can find the method here


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