Kindle Owners: How To Make Sure You Are Using 100% of It

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Howto, Tips n' Tricks
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KIndle 3 with Wifi

I have had a kindle for over a year now. And from time to time, I have found hardware and software solutions that come in quite handy. Here is a collection of all my Kindle related hacks and tips.

How to Send a PDF, Word Document to your Kindle?

I’m sure most of you already know this, but just wanted to make sure that this got out of the way. The simplest method is to mail the document to your kindle address ( and in the subject line, write the word “Convert”. Amazon will convert the pdf and will send it to your kindle. However, in most cases this does not work out very well. Usually, they screw up the formatting.

How to send all ebook formats to your Kindle?

This one is a bit more difficult. There are a lot of ebook formats out there. Kindle works best with the .mobi and .azw format. But what about the rest such as epub, lit, txt, doc and so on? This is where a ebook library manager software comes in. The on I use is called Calibre. It’s open source and works extremely well. It is the itunes of ebook readers. First you import your ebook collection into the software and then you can send them to your Kindle and it will convert it to the right format. You can download Calibre from here

For more help on how to use calibre, you can use this video tutorial

How to send articles to your kindle from Google Reader or the web?

I use Google Reader to read a lot of articles. Some are quite long and is not suitable for a PC screen. I always send them to my kindle to read later. Sendtoreader is a very simple service to send web articles to your kindle. Visit and login with your facebook account. The instructions are all there. You can add a button to your Google Reader or simple add a bookmark in your browser to send a page to your kindle.

How to read black and white comics on Kindle?

Kindle is crappy with full color comic books. (Yes, that is why I need to buy a tablet) But it’s brilliant for black and white ones. I am a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes and have a lot of black and white strips lying around in my PC. To make them suitable to read on my kindle, I use a software called Mangle. If you are a fan of black and white manga then this definitely is the software for you. You can download the software from this link The link also contains details of how to use the software.

How to create and manage Kindle collections on your pc?

I have more than a 100 books on my kindle and it gets really annoying to browse through all of them to find out which one I wish to read every time. Thankfully the Kindle has a simple solution for that called “Collections”.  However, putting 100 books into 10 collections is a task in itself. Tired of clicking on every book to put them into a collection I found a smarter solution. The Kindle Collection Manager is a tiny software which lets you create and manage your kindle collections on your pc. Here is the link to the download After you are done preparing the collections, your need to restart your kindle for them to take effect. You can do that by simple sliding and holding the power button for 10 seconds or more until the screen goes blank. After that wait for five second and then slide the power button again until the screen blinks 3 times. Then simply wait patiently for the Kindle to reboot.

Hope this tips help you in some way to get more out of your Kindle. Let me know in the comments if there is something more I can add to this list.


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