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KIndle 3 with Wifi

I have had a kindle for over a year now. And from time to time, I have found hardware and software solutions that come in quite handy. Here is a collection of all my Kindle related hacks and tips.

How to Send a PDF, Word Document to your Kindle?

I’m sure most of you already know this, but just wanted to make sure that this got out of the way. The simplest method is to mail the document to your kindle address ( and in the subject line, write the word “Convert”. Amazon will convert the pdf and will send it to your kindle. However, in most cases this does not work out very well. Usually, they screw up the formatting.

How to send all ebook formats to your Kindle?

This one is a bit more difficult. There are a lot of ebook formats out there. Kindle works best with the .mobi and .azw format. But what about the rest such as epub, lit, txt, doc and so on? This is where a ebook library manager software comes in. The on I use is called Calibre. It’s open source and works extremely well. It is the itunes of ebook readers. First you import your ebook collection into the software and then you can send them to your Kindle and it will convert it to the right format. You can download Calibre from here

For more help on how to use calibre, you can use this video tutorial

How to send articles to your kindle from Google Reader or the web?

I use Google Reader to read a lot of articles. Some are quite long and is not suitable for a PC screen. I always send them to my kindle to read later. Sendtoreader is a very simple service to send web articles to your kindle. Visit and login with your facebook account. The instructions are all there. You can add a button to your Google Reader or simple add a bookmark in your browser to send a page to your kindle.

How to read black and white comics on Kindle?

Kindle is crappy with full color comic books. (Yes, that is why I need to buy a tablet) But it’s brilliant for black and white ones. I am a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes and have a lot of black and white strips lying around in my PC. To make them suitable to read on my kindle, I use a software called Mangle. If you are a fan of black and white manga then this definitely is the software for you. You can download the software from this link The link also contains details of how to use the software.

How to create and manage Kindle collections on your pc?

I have more than a 100 books on my kindle and it gets really annoying to browse through all of them to find out which one I wish to read every time. Thankfully the Kindle has a simple solution for that called “Collections”.ย  However, putting 100 books into 10 collections is a task in itself. Tired of clicking on every book to put them into a collection I found a smarter solution. The Kindle Collection Manager is a tiny software which lets you create and manage your kindle collections on your pc. Here is the link to the download After you are done preparing the collections, your need to restart your kindle for them to take effect. You can do that by simple sliding and holding the power button for 10 seconds or more until the screen goes blank. After that wait for five second and then slide the power button again until the screen blinks 3 times. Then simply wait patiently for the Kindle to reboot.

Hope this tips help you in some way to get more out of your Kindle. Let me know in the comments if there is something more I can add to this list.


Few days ago, a page asked me to click like on it to learn how to get the old facebook chat back. Amazing enough, it already had 600k likes. And facebook still doesn’t realize that people are probably dying to get the old chat bar back. While they figure out how to listen to consumers, (don’t hold your breath, they usually don’t), let us get the old chat back.

First, you need to have Firefox or Chrome. If you are on Internet Explorer, I have a solution for you too. Click and get firefox. Then follow my instructions.

Second, get an add-on called greasemonkey. It is a very handy plugin and has lots of other applications. You can download it from here. If you are on chrome you can move onto step 3 and skip this

Third, get a greasemonkey script called Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion. Download it from here

Install and you are good to go. Hope this helps. Copied this from Tech Web Talk. You can see their post for a more detailed instruction here

P.S: If you have to get this on IE. There is no tested method. There is a risky method of installing greasemonkey scripts in IE, but there is a very slim chance that it will work. You can find the method here

It seems that certain convoluted solutions that I prepare are actually not that convoluted after all. They actually provide some help to the people (The evidence is my poorly written Sony Ericsson HowTos which are still way popular than they should be). I therefore will now make an attempt to bestow some of my other technological messes.

My phone is a Nokia E63, my email and calendar application is Thunderbird 3.0 with Lightning. There is only one problem, my calendar application of choice is Google Calendar (SMS Notification, Conversational Text Based Entry and Easy Integration with Gmail are just 3 of the top reasons, there are hundreds more). And this creates the problem of keeping all three of these in sync. Thankfully, there are multiple solutions which work together in making my life a bit easier.

First, for syncing my phone events with Google Calendar, I use Google Sync, the setup instructions are here (Should work on all Nokia E, N and X series phones)

Second, to sync my laptop calendar to Google Calendar I use the Provider for Google Calendar Plugin for Thunderbird 3

And voila, my calendars always stay in sync.

Thankfully, Google Sync also syncs my phone contacts with Google Contacts. To sync my Thunderbird addressbook with Google Contacts I use Zindus. It’s an amazing solution for keeping your contacts in sync.

And that’s it, all my calendars and contacts always stay in sync, no matter what I update and in which device.

Games for the Nokia E63

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Edit: Sorry. This doesn’t work anymore after the latest ovi store update. It was fun while it lasted though ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!!

If you have Ovi Store installed on your Nokia E63 then do the following.

Go into Ovi Store, “Recommended” tab and search for the word “digitalchocolate” without the quotes. All digital chocolate games are available for download for free. I’ve been downloading for the past hour and still have managed to get to the 2nd page only. It may work on E71 as well.

Let me know in the comments if it worked for you

This one is very very simple.

Open Menu, go to Notes and write you reminder. Click Done. Select the note from the list, click options and select “Set on Standby Screen”. There you go, instant reminders for your activities.

I usually write a to do list and keep updating it on the screen. Have fun!

Edit: New Tip from Ishan

The correct link for downloading doc viewer is :

I am using this application on my Sony Ericsson Aino.
It is very fast and good.

Edit: From reader Ulisses

<Hi, I found this great app for viewing XLS and DOC files. It read files very fast:
Tested on a Sony Ericsson W380i, works real great.
Found on this forum:

It works. Thanks Ulisses ๐Ÿ™‚

This is more of a workaround than a how to.

  1. Install Opera Mini 4 (Visit
  2. Start Opera Mini and visit
  3. Go into Google Docs (The direct link [skipping step 2] is
  4. Login with your Google Login and Password
  5. If the document you want to view is in Gmail then you can simply go to and click on the attachment link to view the file. If it is in your phone’s memory card, then follow the next step
  6. Go into Google Docs from Opera Mini, select upload after logging in. Show the location of the file on your memory card. (The phone will ask if you want Opera Mini to read or Write to memory and a lot of other permissions, simply say “Yes”)
  7. After the upload finishes, the document will be available for viewing at the list of documents at Google Docs.

I’m still looking for a Java application for this. But for the time being, this seems to be the only option.

Let me know if you find something at the comments,

Final Edit: No need for hacks or workarounds. The latest dev channel build of 2.0.160 works perfectly with hotmail without any changes. Here is how to subscribe to the dev channel

Edit5: Now hack works in the Official 1.0 Releases.

Note something about the script. There are two dashes at the start of the script, not one large one.


Edit 4: Confirmed that this hack only works with the dev channel build ofย Chrome v0.4.154.33

Edit 3: At long last. A solution is available. With the developer release of Chrome v0.4.154.33 Chrome Developer Team has notified of a temporary workaround. Here is how it works,

Right Click on your Google Chrome Shortcut on Your Desktop and select properties


Paste this following code in the Target field in addition the text already there (Something like “C:Documents and Settings<Username>…Chrome.exe”). Make sure to keep a space after [Chrome.exe”] and then paste

–user-agent=”Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/525.19 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.1 Safari/525.19″

Note something about the script. There are two dashes at the start of the script, not one large one.


Click OK. Then open this new shortcut to browse Hotmail. This enables Hotmail to recognize Chrome as Safari. Chrome team has said they are trying to sort this out with MS. And those who thought this was a problem with MS not Chrome were absolutely right. This is a issue solvable only by Microsoft. Until that happens (don’t hold your breath), keep using this.

This hack should work with previous versions of Chrome as well. I’ve tested with Chrome v0.4.154.33 and worked fine with me. Just a suggestion, before you start browsing using the new shortcut just clear your browser cache for good measure.

If you want to use the dev releases (Extremely unstable releases) you can learn how to do it here. Please mind that sometimes the dev builds mess up (as they said they would) big time. For instance the current build v0.4.154.33 has serious issues with Flash. However, they usually patch up large glitches within a few hours, I’ve never seen any other software dish out updates so fast.

Happy Chroming!

Edit2: Still no solution. But if you are tired of the BS of MS please help yourself to this handy tutorial for migrating to Gmail.

Edit: Sorry all. I didn’t test out Hotmail properly before writing this. I couldn’t send mail, just like the previous versions. However, reading and other activities like sorting and storing mail seems to work fine. If you are having problems with facebook, please upgrade your chrome with devchannel. Then it works fine

It seems a few people are landing on my blog looking for a way to open Hotmail in chrome.

Here goes,

1. Visit

2. Login

3. The resulting page says that Hotmail cannot identify your browser (Typical MS style, if you think it’s better than your own, pretend it doesn’t exist! Try ignoring Firefox now!). Near the bottom of this page is a link which says “continue anyway” or something on that mood. Click on that and you are good to go. And use the new 0.4beta of Chrome for better performance.

Take care