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I recently took a trip to Mymensingh and Sherpur during my blissful month long holiday. To be frank, it was one of the most wonderful surprises I have ever come across. Beneath the industrial development, horrible roads and absolutely ghastly electricity supply lies a beautiful world of nature. Have a look for yourself.

I stayed at Hotel Mustafiz in Mymensingh for the trip – Clean and well maintained with guarded parking and a filling station in front. Can’t ask for more, can I?

I ate at two restaurants¬† – ROM 3 and Sarinda. Both served excellent food in a moderately clean interior. I’d recommend both

I took my own car as I couldn’t find anything for hire in Mymensingh. In case you are planning to go without a car, make sure that you hire one from Dhaka. The other modes of transport are not very friendly and definitely not comfortable

And if you can, get someone like my friend Ahmed Raihan Ahsanullah to go along. Thank you for everything brother, it was an absolutely marvellous trip.

And last but not least, if the wheel of your car happens to get stuck in a dirty clogged drain, people will gather around to see the spectacle. They will suggest that you let the tiniest one of them a chance to pick up the car by hand and drop it on the road. They’ll not listen to your requests of keeping clear of the drain and eventually someone will fall in it due to his infinite enthusiasm (at this point some of the people looking at the car will get distracted and will put their attention on the man in the drain). They’ll come even closer when you’ve managed to raise the car by a jack and are trying to build up revs to get up from the ditch. They’ll again ignore when you warn them of being hit by a barrage of sh*t laden drain water. And in the end some of them literally will get a mouthful of the foul smelling garbage from the drain and only then will they retire.

Trust me, this is what happens.

At least, this is what happened when my car got stuck.