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Update: I have written a new post that needs a bit more effort but solves the memory issue. Be warned, it requires a root and a custom rom. On a positive note, I love my phone now.

Cha cha has a tiny internal memory. Best option is to load a custom rom that has link2sd and saves things on sd card. But rooting is quite difficult at the moment as well. Here is what I did.

1. Under settings>privacy, make sure backup my settings and restore applications are both checked
2. Install all applications that you need. Phone memory will get to almost zero.
3. Do a factory data reset settings>sd and phone storage>factory data reset
4. Setup the phone with your previous google account. The phone will take a long time to download all applications from market.
5. Move all applications to sd card. Except widgets, they don’t work from sd cards
7. Voila, suddenly you have an immense amount of internal memory free.

I just did a reset, my space is coming down but even with all my previous applications and more games, i have 50megs free. Previously I was struggling with 10

Let me know if this worked in the comments